Our Tequila

Why it is so special
The Land
The preparation of Tequila begins very early, with daily sunrise and for several weeks Is cultivated the Agave Tequilana Weber, blue variety, which will become mothers throughout the years. An emblematic plant that continues to bring its aromas from that beautiful land that gives character and personality to the spirit present at your table, Tequila.
The Agave
The plant, that the Spaniards when arriving to Mexico, called it "the tree of the wonders", has been source of food, heat, its fibers were used to elaborate textiles, ropes, belts, the pencas were the roofs of many houses, the “quiotes” were used to make corrals, lances, in short, a plant that is what it represents with SELLO MEXICANO, because to this day many of these traditions are maintained.

The mature Agaves reach the plant, where they are received in the ovens that transform the starches into delicate sugars, these will be ground to extract the sap that accumulated the plant over 5 to 7 years and which represents the work from its plantation to his Jima (harvest).

When grinding the cooked Agave, the juice and yeast are obtained and transformed into alcohol with its particular seal, it is in this stage of the fermentation, that it acquires its particular aroma. Then it is distilled in columns to identify the alcohol that is the heart of our spirit, THE TEQUILA WITH SELLO MEXICANO.

The production capacity of the plant is 40 thousand liters per day at 55% alc vol.

Aromatic Characteristics

With joy we introduce this delicious White Tequila, clean, bright, crystalline and full-bodied. To the nose, notes stand out to the Agave, pear, lime, lemon, pineapple and grapefruit, with pleasant herbal presence, giving way to delicate notes of spikenards.

To the taste, it is honest, with lemon, orange and grapefruit flavor, a subtle “cajeta” expression and a slightly mineral attack, they make an elegant enjoyment and with velvety and happy ending.

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